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Mega BUZZ-Effective Bug Zapper Powerful Zapper Attracts, Traps, and Killzzz Flying Insects



Question: How does Mega Buzz work?

Megabuzz uses UV light to attract insects and then a powerful 360-degree fan sucks the insects into the reservoir where they die.


Question: Is MegaBuzz safe to use around children and pets?


It kills without the use of chemicals and is thereby completely safe to use around children or pets.


Question: Are mosquitoes really something we should be worried about?


Yes! Mosquitos have been named as one of the most deadly creatures in the world. They can carry and transmit awful diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, encephalitis, and so many more.



Question: Does Megabuzz use batteries?


BuzzBGone is powered by a USB connection. This makes this item more versatile as you can use a portable power bank for outside use or wherever you happen to be.

Question: Is Megabuzz easy to set up and use?


Yes! BuzzBGone is extremely easy to set up and use. Simply take it out of the packaging and plug in the USB cord and you’re ready to go. No experience necessary!

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  • Guaranteed High Quality Built sturdy and resistant enough to place in any indoor or outdoor area.

  • No-Hassle Returns If you are not satisfied with BuzzBGone, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

  • Fast & Easy Simply plug it in and enjoy bug-free evenings!

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  • Protect Yourself from Dangerous Mosquitos! When do you think of the animal that kills the highest number of human beings every year, which animal do you think of? Great White sharks? Rattlesnakes? Or maybe something like wolves or bears?


  • If so, you would be wrong. Mosquitos kill far more humans than any other animal, killing approximately ONE MILLION people every year by infecting them with diseases like malaria or the Zika virus.


  • While your chances of getting such a serious disease from a mosquito in the US are slim, Americans still suffer greatly from mosquito bites. But even for people who don’t have a particular vulnerability to mosquito bites, they’re still a serious matter.


  • Buzzing in your face, biting you or your kids, and giving you itchy, burning bites is no picnic! It’s enough to ruin ANY backyard barbeque!

100% safe, and contains no poisons or harmful chemicals! uses no harmful chemicals or poisons and is safe to use around bird feeders, pets, small children, or any other living creature. It’s a hundred percent safe to use, even indoors, like in your bedroom. It’s great for killing those mosquitos that sneak in and bite you while you’re sleeping!



  • Safe and Effective! Megabuzz Kills Mosquitos Without Putting Your Family at Risk Summer is coming soon and people can’t wait to get out in their backyards again!


  • It makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive by a swarm of mosquitos! If you want to protect yourself and your family from this vicious horde of bloodsuckers,


  • It provides the safest, most effective method for making your home and yard bug-free! And you don’t have to slather yourself in smelly, toxic skin creams, either!
  • It is the best way to enjoy the outdoors bug-free!